5 reasons to invest in a premium sofa

5 reasons to invest in a premium sofa

Many homeowners simply settle for a cheap sofa from Index. It’s perfectly understandable, especially for young people who have to watch every satang. However, for long-term residents of Bangkok and those of us over 35, investing a little more in a premium sofa is a smart move for the following reasons:


British people apparently spend 17 years of their life sitting on the sofa. While the miserable British weather may help explain this surprising statistic, the heat of Bangkok undoubtedly causes many of us to seek refuge in our temperature-controlled living rooms. There’s nothing comparable to the relaxing feeling of sinking into a premium sofa after a long day at work. Given the years you’re likely to spend on your sofa, why not maximise your comfort?

Custom design

A major benefit of a custom-designed sofa is that it can be made to your exact specifications. Whether taking inspiration from existing styles or coming up with something completely unique, a personalized sofa enables you to design this essential fixture of your home just the way you want it rather than taking from the same assembly line as everybody else.

High quality components

British and European furniture specifications are the gold standard when it comes to determining the quality of a sofa. Mass market furniture is not designed to meet these standards, merely to function well for a while before experiencing rapid deterioration. I can’t argue with the low price of an Index sofa, but it’s important to understand that this cheap price is only possible due to the low quality, non-durable materials used.

After sales & guarantees

If your mass market sofa breaks, you’re on your own as most come with very limited guarantees, if any; and getting assistance from a call centre is a thankless task. It’s possible to patch up holes in fabric, yet it’s usually the frame of a cheap sofa that gives way first, and it’s often cheaper to buy another one than to pay for its repair. However, premium sofas not only come with long guarantees, but also personalized and responsive after sales service.


A premium sofa can last a lifetime; think of how many cheap sofas you’ll have to buy in that same timespan? Not only does constantly replacing your sofas cost money, but also guarantees the headaches that are part and parcel of moving furniture to and from your house. Why deal with the hassle when you could just have one committed long-term relationship?


A sofa is a key adornment in any home and plays a prominent role in most people’s recreation time. You, yourself, will likely be spending hours a week on your own sofa. Why not maximize your relaxation if you can?

About the author

Eddy Bellavoine works for Asalon, a firm specializing in the manufacture and distribution of premium upholstery. Asalon offers bespoke production and an unparalleled 20-year guarantee on the inner structure of all its sofas.

Eddy can be contacted by email at eddy@asalon.co.th

Asalon are members of BNI Universal. We’re holding an open day on 6th June at the Sheraton Grande, Sukhumvit and if you’re the owner of an SME and looking to grow your business, we’d love for you to attend. You can learn more and register for the event here.

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