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When you join our chapter, you’re the only one in your profession allowed in. For example, if you own a travel agency, then no other travel agents will be accepted into our chapter. This means all referrals in your industry sector go to you—not your competitors.

While this is undoubtedly a perk of BNI Universal, it also means that places are in high demand. That’s why we invite you to contact us today, and see if there is an opening in your business category. If there is, join now and lock your competition out.

Meet Our Members


ClouDee - Cloud Telephony Solution

ClouDee is the next-generation Cloud Telephony Solution Provider, aspiring to develop simple communication solutions that connects your customer with your business.

ClouDee helps to run contact center, provide call management tools, analytics tools to monitor and track the customer interaction.

ClouDee allows Start-Ups, SMEs and Enterprises to mix and match the cutting-edge features that are built-into our platform, including all the real-time analytics in a pay-per-use business model.


Website - https://gocloudee.com/


Fun Box Co., Ltd.

Jitra, Operations Manager of Fun Box Co., Ltd. At Fun Box we create customized interactive online courses (e-Learning). Courses are based on client's existing training or education program and transferred into an interactive course, by combining cognitive science and graphic design, where learners can access from anywhere and at any time.


Website - https://funboxcompany.com/





Asalon is a leading manufacturer of high-quality upholstery since 1989. Our factory is located near Suvanabhurm airport, and all our sofas, armchairs, beds and sofa beds are built in full compliance with European specifications.
Our customers are hotels, developers, interior designers, bars, pubs, restaurants and we have also served thousands of individuals.
We cover our sofas with fabric, leather or full aniline leather. We do welcome bespoke orders.
Asalon is the only company to give a 20 years guarantee on all of its sofa frames! 

Website - http://www.asalon.co.th/




Cote d Azur Spirits Co., Ltd.

I am Jacques Joffres,
Managing Director of Cote d Azur Spirits Co., Ltd.

Cote d Azur Spirits Co., Ltd. is registered and licensed, under Thai regulations, for importing, storing, and selling beverages.

Our premium product, from France, is: Monte-Carlo Vodka


We operate on high quality consulting, coaching and training all over Asia, based in Thailand. Our scope is change management, leadership and operational excellence. We both work for great international companies (Michelin, Baxter, Schneider, Volvo Trucks, Imerys Aluminate, Central Group, BNP Paribas, GE) and for multiple SMEs … and even NGOs. We belong to a European / North American network, and manage Asian activities on behalf of the Group. We currently run missions in Singapore, Thailand, China mainland, Hong Kong, Laos, and Vietnam.




New Era Trading Co., Ltd

New Era Trading Co., Ltd is an exporter and trader of food commodities. We source  Rice, Pulses, Beans, Canned fish,Packaged Dairy products (sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, milk powder), Coconut and its byproducts from several countries and supply globally. 
If you think of moving products related to food in containers, get in touch with New Era Trading Co. Ltd!

Clear Bio Plus

Clear Bio Plus
is a concentrated bioactive microorganism mass that is used to degrade organic wastes as a biological activator for septic tanks and to improve the quality of waste water .
To eliminate the malodor.

Clear Bio Grease
Several enzymes made in Germany to digest fat ,oil and grease and the organic waste .
To improve the hygiene in the kitchen sink.
To prevent the blockage in the drain.
To improve the quality of wastewater.

with wide applications in condos, households, hotels, hospitals, schools, factories, office buildings, restaurants, etc.

Website - www.clearbioplus.com


Eddy Bellavoine – ASALON

Phanuphan – K & U Travel

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