Givers Gain

The philosophy of BNI is based on the concept of GIVERS GAIN. That is, if I give business, you’ll eventually reciprocate by giving me business. BNI is about building trusting and long lasting relationship amongst members and referring business to each other. It is about farming for business and not hunting amongst each other. Join us and share in the 100+ referrals passed between our members every month.

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How does the BNI help you?

The primary purpose of the BNI is to build powerful referral networks to help businesses (just like yours) grow. Every Tuesday morning, our chapter meets at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel, a few minutes walk from Asoke BTS.

At the meeting, members network with each other, exchange referrals and get 60 seconds to present their business to the group. In this presentation, you’ll have an opportunity to tell everyone about your business, the kind of leads you’re looking for, and anything else that will help members generate referrals for you.

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Grow your network

Develop valuable business connections for years to come. All members have been with their business for years and have large networks. We interview and screen all new members to ensure you get quality connections and referrals.

Develop business skills

From public speaking to networking, BNI members are taught proven methods to improve their communication, sales and leadership skills. When you join our chapter, you’ll develop as a business person—gaining skills that last a lifetime.

Get referrals

The philosophy of BNI is “givers gain”. This means the more you refer business to other members, the more likely they’ll reciprocate and give you business in return. Every week dozens of referrals are exchanged among members.

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